GEAR plus
The Seniors' Club of the Group of European Audience Researchers

GEAR plus Reunion 2017 in Prague
Proceedings and Photos


 GEAR plus Reunion 2016 in Vienna
Proceedings and Photos

GEAR plus Reunion 2014 in Konolfingen/Switzerland:
Program, Presentations, Pictures

Gearplus Reunion 2012 in Hilversum

Methods of Media Research

Room for Professional Papers: Two new presentations by Peter Diem

"Grey beards and curls" (click links for details):

Wim Bekkers, Hansjoerg Bessler Michal Caspi, Harold De Bock, Peter Diem, Tony FahyHeikki Kasari, Peter Menneer, Graham Mytton
  Jaroslav Kostal
  Lucie PokornaJosé Ramón RubioErik Nordahl Svendsen, Robert Towler, Michael Type, Alexander Sharikov
Lina Trochalitou
Olga Yermolaeva, Darina Kyselova, Margareta Cronholm, Jacques Durand
, Matthias F. Steinmann,
Katalin Lázár  Sissel Lund  Eva Lickova

 Jacque Durand's Documentation

Update for 2012

New: The GEAR Anthem
      GEAR History (1966-2006) by Wim Bekkers,Tony Fahy, Daniel Poesmans

The idea of this site is to create a platform for GEAR plus.
It contains a list of former GEAR members, 
about their activities, and useful links.

   Organization of GEAR plus:

  • G+ 

  • is a virtual club

  • without any statutes

  • or business meetings

  • it has associate members only

  • personal/professional news welcome

  • visits and informal meetings encouraged 

    Click "Graham Mytton" for his "Handbook on Radio and TV Audience Research".

    The idea to create G+ was born by Wim Bekkers and Peter Diem in Utrecht on Dec. 14, 2002
    Please update regularly by mail to: peter.diem (at)